Conservative Values Proven Leadership

“Representing my home area has been an incredible honor. I want to continue working for the thingsthat make our area truly special – things like our conservative values, strong schools, an improvedeconomy, protecting our natural resources and promoting agriculture and energy.” Greg McCortney

Conservative leadership earns awards

Greg McCortney’s work in the Senate has been recognized with many awards, including

American Conservative Union (Matt Schlapp, Chairman) top 5 conservative Senator received in2019

Oklahoma Constitution newspaper top 10 conservative

A rating (90%+) every year from the Research Institute for Economic Development

Oklahoma State Medical Association Legislator of the Year 2020

Perfect score from the Institute for Child Advocacy received in 2019

Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association 2017 Legislative Award

Oklahoma Professional Economic Development Council Legislative Advocate in 2017

Oklahoma Primary Care Association Legislative Champion of the Year in 2019

Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians Legislator of the Year in 2019

Leaders support McCortney

Several leaders announced their immediate support for Senator McCortney’s reelection.

Tony Lauinger, Chairman of Oklahomans for Life (National Right to Life’s state affiliate), said,“Senator Greg McCortney is a courageous, committed defender of the right to life. He isdevoted to providing effective, lasting, enforceable protection for the lives of unborn children.

”Pauls Valley Schools Superintendent Mike Martin said, “Greg has been an exceptional Senator.He’s always been there when our schools have needed him. I know that if any of our students orteachers has an issue, Senator McCortney is a phone call away, ready to help. I’m proud to support Sen. McCortney, and I urge you to do the same.”

“We are thankful for Senator Greg McCortney's brave and tireless leadership on behalf ofpreborn children in our state. Oklahomans want their Legislature to protect those who cannotprotect themselves, and Sen. McCortney has been steadfast in his resolve to do so,” said PaulAbner, President of Oklahoma Faith Leaders, a group that includes leadership from Oklahoma Baptists, Catholics, Assemblies of God, Heartland Church of God, and New Horizons Pentecostal Holiness.

Over 40 bills passed into law

McCortney has successfully passed over 40 bills into law and advanced many conservative causes in the Senate, including

Fighting the opioid epidemic
McCortney’s bill SB 85 expanded training for local school officials to treat opioid overdoses.

Protecting our water
Greg’s bill SB 568 established a five-year study to preserve the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer, the sole source for much of south central Oklahoma’s water.

Helping surviving family members
McCortney served as the Senate author on HB 1395, which simplifies the process for survivingfamily members to access their deceased family member’s safety deposit boxes, without the time and expense of court proceedings.

Ensuring patient choice
McCortney served as primary Senate author on HB 2632 which ensures patients have a right tochoose the pharmacy of their choice, preventing insurance companies from dictating patients’ medical choices.

Supporting law enforcement
McCortney authored numerous bills, including SB 88, SB 89, SB 90, SB 1023 and HB 1671,which strengthen law enforcement and support the mission of CLEET, strengthening their presence in our area.